Danish Shipping's Annual Shipping Conference 2022

In keeping with tradition following the general assembly, Danish Shipping’s Annual Shipping Conference will be held. This year the conference takes place on 9 June at Docken in Nordhavn.  

The conference will mark the global crisis and we will focus on the ever-changing world. War, rivalry of superpowers, technology race, the global climate challenge and supply chain crisis are all factors which have a direct impact on our industry and business.

We have gathered a wide range of prominent debaters with something on their minds and something to share. Among others we present Mark Leonard, Co-Founder & Director for European Council on Foreign Relations, who is the author of, among others, the book ‘The Age of Unpeace’, Lykke Friis Director of Think Tank EUROPA, Anne Sophia Hermansen, cultural commentator, Berlingske.


Her Majesty the Queen has given her consent to attend Danish Shipping’s Annual Shipping Conference where she will receive the Shipping Award and participate in a conversation with Tom Buk-Swienty, Journalist and Author.

Please note that the Shipping Conference will be in both Danish and English.

We look forward to seeing you.