Danish Shipping publishes a substantial number of key-figures and statistics. “Danish Shipping - Facts and Figures” is published semi-annually and it contains a variety of figures and graphic presentations regarding the Danish merchant fleet and international shipping. You can download the recent issues by clicking following the link to the left. The analysis are frequently updated and we welcome you to read our latest analysis of shipping below.   

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Among other things, you can find out who owns the world's largest commercial fleet, which routes are the largest, and how many people that are employed in Danish shipping.

Here you can find numbers and figures concerning employment in Danish Shipping. The content includes figures for type and nationality of employees, employment in Blue Denmark by the regions of Denmark, numbers for tax and salary, and employment by municipality in Denmark.
Merchant Fleet
Here you can find figures, illustrations and numbers concerning both the Danish and global merchant fleet. The content includes figures of the development in respectively the Danish and the global merchant fleet, nation’s merchant fleet ranked by operator, owner and flag, and merchant fleet by shipping company.
World Economy & Trade
Here you can find figures, illustrations and numbers concerning world economy and trade. The content includes figures and numbers for the development of world economy and trade, the regional development of economy and import and export volume, current export by regions and figures on Danish shipping export.
Commercial Figures
Here you can find commercial figures for shipping. The content includes freight rates for different types of ships, illustrations and numbers on trade flows for different commodities, illustration and numbers for the world’s largest container ports and the overall development in seaborne trade.
Shipbuilding & Recycling
Here you can find figures concerning newbuilding’s and recycling of ships. The content includes statistics of Danish newbuilding’s, newbuilding’s globally, newbuilding’s historically and recycling of ships globally.