Bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment are obviously unacceptable, whether it takes place on board a ship, in a shipping company, in a port or elsewhere. But the problem still exists. Danish Shipping has long focused on addressing bullying and harassment in shipping.

It is simply unacceptable that there are still employees, whether they are few or many, who experience bullying at sea.”

Anne H Steffensen, Director General and CEO, Danish Shipping

At Danish Shipping the members can obtain help to:

  • Develop policy and guidelines in this field.
  • To train officers and ratings in avoiding problems arise.
  • To handle concrete personnel matters about bullying and harassment

The international shipowners’ organisations, ECSA and ICS have moreover published material that focus on the problem.

Danish Shipping has under the auspices of ECSA actively participated in the preparation of a thorough set of training material which has been made together with the European Transport Federation, ETF with support from the European Commission. The material provides among other things:

  • Tools to handle the problems when they arise.
  • An understanding of what is happening in situations of bullying and harassment.
  • A guide to know the difference between bullying and harassment and being instructed to perform a task or receiving criticism of the quality of the performed work.
  • A guide to know the difference between bullying and harassment and friendly teasing.

Furthermore, the material includes a well-described 50-minutes course that can be held on board ships. It enables the master or another facilitator to manage the process and provides advice and guidance on constructive issues which can be discussed during the training session.


Eksempel på politik om chikane, mobning og sexchikane på arbejdspladsen

Danske Rederier har udarbejdet et eksempel på en politik om chikane og mobning som rederier er mere end velkomne til at lade sig inspirere af.

Man kan benytte sig af teksten alene og bygge videre på den samt indsætte på egne skabeloner og tilføje logo og derfor er denne tilgængelig i word-format.

Download skabelonen nedenfor.

ICS has together with ITF made a short (14 pages) guide. The guide gives the shipowner an understanding of what bullying and harassment are. You will also find inspiration to:

  • Formulation of a policy to handle bullying and harassment. It also includes a template.
  • Activities for an action plan to combat bullying and harassment.