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In order to ensure the employees in the member companies the best possible skills, Danish Shipping Academy offers a wide range of education and training courses for both sailing and land-based employees.

Here you will find the §16 Safety and Health courses and Danish Maritime Legislation courses for senior officers/masters.

The Danish Shipping Academy also offers the 'The Commercial Shipping Program', which is a two-year training course for shipping trainees in shipping companies. Here they receive a broad understanding of the economic and legal aspects of the industry, as well as the necessary basic knowledge of ship technology, legislation and cargo types.

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Course instructors

  1. Ole Skovgaard Jensen
    Training adviser, Danish Shipping
    Phone:  +45 3348 9264
    Mobile:  +45 2362 9264
  2. Peter Wichmand Skytte
    Training adviser, Danish Shipping
    Phone:  +45 3348 9219
    Mobile:  +45 2936 8860


  1. Lene Birk Iversen
    Training assistant, Danish Shipping
    Phone:  +45 3348 9251


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