Maritime Disruptors’ Academy


Maritime Disruptors’ Academy is back, but in an entirely new suit.


Have you ever learnt new skills in a Fortnight-like platform?

Did you ever partake in group collaboration through your own DIY VR-set?

Have you ever gained hands-on experiences about the new technologies, tools, methods, philosophies and strategies in a format that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, while unfolding how that bridging is particularly relevant for the maritime sector?


Now, the opportunity is yours.


When we arrange the fourth edition of the highly appreciated Maritime Disruptors’ Academy this fall, the world will be a very different place. The COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis are forcing governments, companies and individuals to be courageous and innovative. We are all required to think radically different and embrace change in ways we barely thought possible.


The Maritime Disruptors’ Academy is no exception, why this year’s program will have a brand-new format. The fourth edition of the academy will be an immersive experience bridging the virtual and physical in new ways. You will not just learn about the future; you will experience it first-hand.


The program is an interactive digital-physical mix of lectures, workshops and technology deep-dives, aiming at making the future manageable for maritime professionals.


This year, the program will take place one day per week over four weeks. Depending on applicable restrictions and limitations, there will be a number of physical meetups arranged regionally.



4 x 0,5 days curated training sessions over a period of four weeks (afternoons Wed 4/11, Wed 11/11, Tue 17/11, Wed 25/11)

4 x 0,5 days off-line exercises, readings and reflections


What you will get:

Overview of the new tools and methods that will make you able to detect possibilities and trends

Insight into technologies like cognitive computing (incl. AI) and networks, robotics, 3D/4D printing, VR, AR, blockchain and new energy, that combined are enabling transformation in the maritime industry

Perspectives on how the world is impacted by COVID-19 and the climate crisis

Concrete tools for idea generation and prototyping as well as innovative ideas for you to bring home

An immersive learning experience designed to bridge the digital and physical worlds

Become part of a growing network of disruptors alumni from different parts of the maritime value chain, with whom you will learn and share best practices long after the program

Themes and topics

Mindset & Tech

Talks and workshops:

Digital: a New Paradigm for Maritime

Disruption: a Strategic Choice

Digital Manufacturing: Future Global Value Chains

Artificial Intelligence: the future of Maritime is Cognitive

Blockchain: Why it matters and how it can be applied in Maritime

Future of Sustainable Energy in Maritime


Strategy & Execution

Talks and workshops:

Exponential Organizations & New Ways of Work

From Exponential Thinking to Practice & Strategy

Managing Innovation

Industry Excellence Panels


The Academy is customized for people who work in the maritime industry. You are either in a leadership role or directly involved in maritime innovation, strategy or business development. The program does not require advanced technological competencies. How technology impacts your business matters more than the technology itself.


Organised by the Danish Maritime Industry (Danish Shipping, Danish Maritime, Danish Ports, MDC, Maritime Cluster Funen and MARCOD). Danish Shipping will manage all reservations on behalf of the Industry.



Members of any of the six partner organizations: DKK 9.950

Non-members: DKK 11.500

Students or start-ups: Can apply for a free seat

Learning materials are included in price.

Excluded in price: VAT


Note: max 50 seats in total (max 40 seats)