BSc in International Shipping and Trade

Employees who have completed the BSc in International Shipping and Trade at CBS may participate in part of the Commercial Shipping Program.


The education for these participants also includes three residential courses in Denmark. Their courses are scheduled for: Team A: 11 - 17 September 2019, 11 - 17 May 2020 and 7 - 11 June 2021 and Team B: 25 September – 1 October 2019, 22 - 28 June 2020 and 7 - 11 June 2021.


The education includes the following subjects:

  • Maritime Law including exam. The participants may participate in the webinars too.
  • Ship Knowledge including three exams.
  • Negotiation and Communication Techniques (including two webinars).
  • Risk Management.
  • Cultural Awareness.


The day of introduction, Maritime Economics lessons/webinars and the Case Study in Maritime Law/Ecnomics are not included.

For preenrolment to team 2020-2022, please contact Lene Iversen at


Course fee

The course fee is DKK 50,000 + VAT per participant for members and DKK 62,000 + VAT for non-members.



The participants will receive diplomas for the completed subjects and STCW certified course certificates for passed course in “Transport of dangerous goods”.


Please find further information about the Commercial Shipping Program on the main page.