Maritime Internship Office’s Marketplace

The Blue Denmark needs Danish competitive skills to future-proof the required qualifications at sea.


The growth team for The Blue Denmark has made a number of recommendations to strengthen Denmark as a maritime nation. The recommendations include strengthening the future competences in The Blue Denmark, which includes increasing the number of internships on the ships and increasing the availability of the same. For this purpose, Danish Shipping have provided an internship guarantee of 350 internships.


The internship guarantee is divided into four maritime programs:


Danish Shipping’s Internship Office aims to ensure that there are internships for young people who want a maritime education. The internship office is happy to help shipping companies with the tasks associated with having students on an internship, both in terms of recruitment, coordination, and administration. If you as a shipping company need help in connection with your work as an internship, you are welcome to contact the internship office.


If your shipping company does not currently have students, but wants to get started, help is available from Danish Shipping’s internship office. You are welcome to contact the internship office, who will be happy to help you get started with the approval process, administration, and recruitment. You can also find various guides and practical information about the internships.


The Internship Office has established this internship marketplace, which aims to match students seeking internship with shipping companies. Furthermore, educational institutions can find inspiration for a more targeted internship guide. You will find our Internship Marketplaces for the individual programs on this page.


If you want to know more about internships within the basic maritime educations, you are welcome to contact the internship office.



Frequently asked questions from students about internships at sea


How do I find an internship at sea?

If you are studying a maritime education that requires internship at sea, you should be aware that you as a student are responsible for applying for an internship with an approved shipping company.

You can verify which shipping companies offer internships and see if an internship is posted on Danish Shipping’s internship marketplace.

It is best to start applying as early as possible as it can be time consuming to apply for an internship. Remember it is always an option to search unsolicited.


What does Danish Shipping’s internship guarantee mean for searching for an internship?

Since 2018, Danish Shipping's members have committed themselves as a combined industry to offering 350 internships. In this regard, Danish Shipping helps shipping companies to create opportunities to meet the internship guarantee. It is the individual shipping companies that offer the internships, and Danish Shipping therefore does not have the internships at their disposal but ensures that the industry offers internships corresponding to the internship guarantee. The internships must therefore be applied to the individual shipping companies.


What vaccines do I need before taking an internship at sea?

When you are on an internship at sea, there is a possibility that you will have to travel in any corner of the world. The risk of infectious diseases differs depending on where in the world you are, which contact you have at land during your voyage and what type of ship you sail with.

Therefore, no precise rules can be given for vaccinations that apply to everyone. Therefore, you should consult your maritime doctor or the doctor who gives you vaccinations.

You have the opportunity to call The Medical Office at +45 33489263 to ask about vaccinations or other measures related to your internship at sea.