Information for Shipping Companies

Seek financial support for internship       


Shipping companies can apply for internship grants up to 80,000 DKK per year from the Ministry of Education and Research if the shipping company is approved as having an internship for one of the following training courses: Ship’s officer, Marine Engineer, Master Mariner, Ship’s Assistant. 
The application deadlines are 28 February and 30 September each year.

Here you will find more information as well as the application form.


As of 1 January 2022, the aid scheme for internships on foreign flagged ships will become permanent. For that reason, Danish shipping companies can apply for internship grants for those carried out on ships flying foreign flags (up to 50%). As a result, shipping companies no longer have to justify why it is not possible to find the necessary internship under the Danish flag.  Here you will find more information as well as the application form.

How Danish Shipping can help create internships

- Approval of having internships: Danish Shipping are happy to help you complete the formal administrative tasks that are in connection with being approved as an internship host.

- Clarification of salary relations with the student: Here, Danish Shipping can help answering questions like: When are the student on SU and when the student is entitled for salary.

- Recruitment: Danish Shipping has a small 'bank' of applications and CVs from students from the different schools. We always make sure that the applications and CVs we receive are quality checked and meet a certain standard. 

- Onboarding: To ensure a good onboarding process, Danish Shipping can help you review what characterizes a good onboarding process. We are happy to invite the students to a preparatory meeting about life at sea.  

- Information regarding the internship’s start and finish:  In addition, we have a broad knowledge of competences and learning goals, which we are very happy to share.