EU Representation

Danish Shipping has been permanently represented in Brussels since 1989.

The EU Representation attends to all relations with the EU institutions and works to secure a better understanding of the shipping business at large.  The EU Representation works both on a political and a practical level. It deals directly with the relevant commissioners and the European Parliament; at the same time, it executes a number of administrative tasks relating to general directorates and permanent representations of other EU member states.

The EU Representation works in the interest of the members by:

  • Monitoring forthcoming EU initiatives to ensure timely input
  • Efficient and targeted communication to the right stakeholders at the right time
  • Early definition of strategy, stakeholders and messages

Danish Shipping’s EU Representation also handles tasks in relation to:

  • Business and economic framework
  • Climate and environment
  • Offshore activities
  • Social affairs
  • Piracy
  • The Single Market and the Customs Union
  • International trade and sanction policy
  • Passenger safety
  • Port policy
  • CSR
  • Arctic affairs

Ad-hoc support for members is provided on specific issues ranging from taxation to international sanctions policy.

Over the years Danish Shipping has established itself as an adviser to the EU institutions. A constructive mindset also ensures that the EU often supports international legislation in the field of shipping and the work of the IMO. Active participation in the European Shipowners' Association, ECSA is also ensured with representation on all committees.