Framework Conditions

Keeping Denmark in the top league of global shipping involves setting up, maintaining, and constantly developing the right framework conditions for running maritime business in Denmark.

To successfully achieve this, it is of utmost importance that the Danish business policy is internationally competitive with both the EU and the rest of the world.

Levelling the playing field

The typical competitor to Denmark operates under highly competitive framework conditions, and while the Danish authorities have a good understanding of the competitive environment it is very important that they follow the global developments closely, in order to ensure that international competitiveness in Denmark remains intact.

The Danish International Ship Register (DIS) was established in 1988. The Tonnage Tax Scheme was introduced in 2001 and is closely interlinked with the Seafarers’ Tax Scheme. Both legislations have been continuously updated with broad political backing in the Danish Parliament in 2007, 2013 and most recently in 2019, where the aim was to include the Danish offshore sector in an extension of the tonnage tax scheme.

Tonnage tax schemes are widespread to all EU member states with maritime interests, which is reflecting that the maritime sector is a priority for the EU.