Innovation and research

Maritime research plays a key role in the development of ships and new technologies having secured the crucial role of shipping in world trade.


Shipping is facing new challenges – ambitious climate targets, increasing environmental regulation, digitalization and new business models. Innovation, research and development is key for a strong maritime nation like Denmark to compete in a global business feeling the winds of change. Therefore, innovation is higher than ever on the corporate agenda.


In the spring of 2019, Danish Shipping launched a maritime research analysis from the consultancy Damvad Analytics, which showed Denmark as a leader in maritime research, but that we are being overtaken by several competitors, while the research is significantly underfunded from the public side, compared to other shipping nations. The analysis can be downloaded below.

In response to the role of the Danish Shipping in supporting development in the research and innovation area, we have prepared a strategy focusing on three main areas;

  • A road to climate-neutral shipping
  • Digitization for efficiency
  • Research coordination and funding opportunities

The strategy can be downloaded below.


Shipping companies are increasingly participating in innovation projects that includes research-, development- and demonstration projects on their own or in collaboration with equipment suppliers, knowledge institutions etc. to develop and test new solutions for optimized and efficient shipping.


Danish Shipping have launched an easy overview of the relevant Danish, EU and international funds and support opportunities for shipping. The overview of funds and support options can be downloaded below.