CO2 reductions

Supports the international climate strategy

Danish Shipping strongly supports the greenhouse gas reduction strategy adopted by UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2018. As a result, international shipping must be 40% more efficient in 2030 and the absolute emissions must be halved by 2050, compared to 2008.


Regulation to incentivize innovation

Danish Shipping will contribute constructively to the development of regulatory measures to meet the CO2 reduction targets. Such measures should provide flexibility to the shipowner on how to meet the targets. Additionally, the measures should encourage shipowners to engage in innovation and testing of new technologies.

Increased R&D effort needed

The 50% absolute reduction target by 2050 can only be achieved by transition to new fuels, propulsion systems and energy carriers at large scale. This transition will require substantial research and development efforts. To this end, Danish Shipping believes in an early establishment of an international R&D GHG Fund, financed by the industry.


Please find below Danish Shipping’s Climate Policy Paper. Here you can read further on the organization’s suggested measures for CO2 regulation for global shipping.


Furthermore, find below the study behind Danish Shipping’s Climate Policy “CO2 Emissions from International Shipping – Possible reduction targets and their associated pathways”