1. 13.04.2018 News

    Historic global climate agreement for shipping achieved

    A CO2 reduction strategy for shipping has just been adopted in the UN Maritime Organization, IMO. Danish Shipping is very pleased that an agreement has been reached in line with the Paris Agreement.

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  2. 03.04.2018 News

    Interactive, online courses on the rise

    Danish Shipping Academy introduced an interactive, online version of the mandatory “§16 Safety and Health” course and courses in Danish Maritime Legislation with success in November 2017.

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  3. 23.03.2018 News

    Danish Shipping: New trade restrictions are deeply worrying

    New restrictions on trade between the United States and China raise concern and an urgent need for new diplomatic efforts.

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  4. 08.03.2018 News

    EU Member States in call to end crippling reporting formalities for ships

    13 EU Member States have called for an ambitious proposal on revising the Reporting Formalities Directive.

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  5. 08.03.2018 News

    The EU must promote safe and sound recycling globally

    The ship recycling industry is facing a decisive year as the so-called whitelist of approved recycling facilities is being established at this moment.

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  6. 09.02.2018 News

    IMO is ready for ban on non-compliant fuel

    It should be prohibited to have non-compliant fuel on board as from 2020. This is the clear signal from the IMO Sub-Committee PPR, Pollution Prevention and Response, which this week has been discussing how to ensure that the global sulphur requirements are implemented and enforced effectively.

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