1. 12.01.2018 News

    Shipping companies strengthen the fight against cyber criminals

    During the last year, the majority of shipping companies has been exposed to cyber attacks and has intensified the fight against cybercrime.

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  2. 20.12.2017 News

    Vacancy: Head of innovation in Denmark’s largest exporting industry

    Danish Shipping is looking for a Head of Digitalization and Innovation.

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  3. 19.12.2017 News

    EU must play a greater role in international trade

    A new report from a European think tank concludes that the significant increase in protectionist actions on EU’s export markets has slowed down growth in EU exports since 2009.

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  4. 08.12.2017 News

    New strategy: Denmark must be ahead of the curve

    Chairman of Danish Shipping, Claus V. Hemmingsen, presented the organisation's new strategy - "Ahead of the Curve" yesterday.

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  5. 20.11.2017 News

    Maritime Disruptors Academy is open for registrations

    Danish Shipping has just launched a new academy for employees in Danish shipping companies.

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  6. 20.11.2017 News

    New organisation will strengthen Danish Shipping

    Danish Shipping is enhancing a number of areas which will become more important for the representation of shipping interests in the coming years. This is reflected in the organisation and management.

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