Bunker oil workshop: How to get ready for 2020

30.10.2017 News

Danish Shipping’s members are invited to a workshop on bunker oil and choices related to the upcoming global Sulphur limit. The workshop is organized by Danish Shipping in collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Maritime Authority as part of the Partnership for Green Shipping.

Danish Shipping will host a workshop on the 9th of November 2017 to help shipping companies address compliance related choices both before and after 1 January 2020.


The topics include legal requirements, the refinery processes and how to handle the oil onboard. Furthermore, the workshop will look into how the refineries and oil majors are preparing for the impact of the 2020 Sulphur cap.


The workshop will also take a closer look at the bunker supplier’s expectations, the status of the scrubber market and what to be aware of when installing a scrubber. Finally, a number of members will share their compliance strategies in a closed session, which is for members only.


“This is a “must attend meeting” as we are preparing for a significant change in the fuel market in 2020. I expect that all members will be affected by the 2020 cap no matter whether they are deep sea or short sea operators,” says Maria Skipper, director at Danish Shipping.

“The workshop is relevant for a wide range of employees in the shipping companies whether they work with technical issues, new building projects, bunker purchase, operation, chartering, commercial strategies etc., so we hope to see a large number of participants engaged in fruitful discussions,” she says.

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Contact persons

  1. Per Winther Christensen
    Head of Technical Affairs, Danish Shipping
    Mobile:  +45 2945 8324
  2. Maria Skipper Schwenn
    Executive Director, Danish Shipping
    Mobile:  +45 2128 4966