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07. November 2019


Focus on reducing ships' CO2 emissions

Maritime transport and CO2 reduction will be on the agenda at the European Parliament today.

Pernille Weiss, the People’s Conservatives Party, together with the European Community Shipowners’ Associations, ECSA, invite all relevant stakeholders to debate climate challenges associated with shipping and what the industry itself can do to solve the problem.

Relevant persons with different positions on the subject from ECSA, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of the United Nations, the European Commission and members of the European Parliament will participate in the debate.

Danish Shipping looks forward to the event.

“Hopefully, we will elucidate and discuss the issue from many different angles. Danish shipping is a major player at European level and at the same time of great importance to Denmark, which is why I am pleased that the important issue is brought into focus,” says Jens Valdemar Krenchel, Head of EU Representation of Danish Shipping.


Very important industry

Shipping accounts for the transport of 90% of the world's trade and is thus a key player in international trade. This also means that the shipping industry is responsible for 2-3% of the world's total CO2 emissions. Therefore, the IMO countries decided in 2018 that the global maritime CO2 emissions must be reduced by at least 50% by 2050 in order to be phased out completely - as quickly as possible. A decision that met the full support of Danish Shipping.

“European shipping companies - with Denmark at the forefront - have overall one of the largest, youngest and most innovative fleets in the world. That is why both European shipping can and must take the lead in the IMO in the fight to achieve the IMO's objective. Shipping is a global industry and European ships transport goods to and from all over the world. That is why global - not regional - solutions are needed,” says Jens Valdemar Krenchel.


Debate in the European Parliament

Today's debate is organised by Pernille Weiss in collaboration with ECSA.

“European shipping connects us in a tight and strong orbit to the rest of the world. A circuit that we can influence to be a partner in the field of climate. Therefore, it is important that we in the European Parliament use our position to ensure the right solutions when it comes to meeting the climate challenges. In this context, we should ensure the EU a strong position in the international shipping negotiations in the IMO.

Europe must never isolate itself in a quest to solve the climate challenges that are inherently global. That is why I am delighted that so many good forces are gathered today to discuss the future of green transport solutions for maritime transport, "said Pernille Weiss, Member of the European Parliament for the Danish Conservative People's Party.



The European shipping industry is a significant contributor to European prosperity. The industry contributes € 147bn annually to EU GDP and directly and indirectly employs over 2 million people. At the same time, shipping is among the world's most climate-friendly modes of transport.