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27. May 2021


Maritime Prize awarded at Danish Shipping's annual event

A total of three crews received Danish Shipping’s Maritime Prize on Thursday in recognition of their extraordinary courage and drive.

To rhythmic applause from a packed hall for Danish Shipping’s annual event, crews from three different shipping companies were praised for their extraordinary efforts at sea.


These are the crews from ESVAGT CANTANA, Maersk Etienne and MARE JONIO. Crews that have each made a difference that meant the difference between life and death.

“I am extremely proud to be able to give the three crews this well-deserved recognition. Their courage and drive are an inspiration to us all. They each showed in their own way the essence of good seamanship, and they deserve a huge pat on the back for that,” says Jacob Meldgaard, CEO of TORM and Chairman of Danish Shipping.


The crew of ESVAGT CANTANA is awarded the Maritime Prize for having continued to provide life-saving first-aid to their colleague, Asbjørn Morell, long after the doctors on shore had made it clear over the radio that it was pointless to continue. Morell survived his cardiac arrest and is now sailing again with ESVAGT.


The crew of Maersk Etienne is awarded the Maritime Prize for rescuing 27 people in distress at sea when their wooden boat sank in the Mediterranean. They ended up on board the tanker for 38 days, as taking them ashore became a political issue.

After 38 days, the situation on board was desperate, and assistance was once again requested. This time the call was answered by Mediterranea, which subsequently sent the NGO ship MARE JONIO out to the tanker. The transfer of the 27 people in distress – including a pregnant woman – took place after medical staff on board MARE JONIO decided that their condition required immediate treatment. Following the transfer, MARE JONIO received permission from the Italian authorities to land the distressed passengers in Italy.


“Seafarers have a special gene that makes them instinctively want to help when someone at sea is in distress. These three actions are clear proof of this, and I am glad that today they can be given the recognition they deserve from the industry,” says Jacob Meldgaard.


In addition to recognition and a diploma, the prize also includes a cheque for DKK 25,000.