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18. February 2020


Need for more women at sea - throughout the EU

Danish Shipping is focusing on enhanced participation of women in shipping. That is why Danish Shipping is invited to Brussels today to talk about the many initiatives that have been launched to increase the number of women on board.

With its task force for more women at sea, 10 recommendations for the industry and finally the charter for more women in shipping, Danish Shipping has taken the lead in Europe when it comes to making extra efforts to attract women.

That is why Anne W. Trolle, executive director of employment conditions, recruitment & training of Danish Shipping, is invited to Brussels to speak about how to attract more women to pursue careers in the maritime industry at today’s conference. It is not only in Denmark that there is a need for more women on board - it is throughout Europe.

“I am really pleased that ECSA is focusing on enhanced participation of women in the maritime sector. In Danish Shipping we put a lot of efforts into this and it is therefore very relevant for us to meet other organisations and hear how other countries address this,” says Anne W. Trolle.

Girl Power and Task Force

At the conference, where persons from the academic world, EU and international organisations, employees and employers, influencers and female role models will participate, the initiatives of Danish Shipping will be highlighted.

"Our latest initiative "Charter for more women in shipping" is proving to be a great success. By signing the charter, the companies commit themselves to focusing on gender equality by setting goals and action plans for how to attract more women into the company. So far, 17 shipping companies have joined the charter, and more are on the way,” says Anne Windfeldt Trolle.

European Shipping Week

Shipping is particularly high on the Brussels agenda this week, as European Shipping Week takes place.

The week focuses on the European shipping industry, where business leaders from the maritime sector, officials and decision makers meet to discuss the challenges and opportunities that European shipping will face in the coming years.