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11. June 2020


The Climate ambitions still stands

By 2050, the entire Blue Denmark must be 100 percent climate neutral, and by 2030 the first ocean-going zero-emission ship will be in commercial operation.

These are the main ambitions for the Blue Denmark, which in mid-March submitted 21 initiatives and recommendations to the Danish government.

Chairman of the Blue Denmark Climate Partnership with the government and CEO of A.P. Moller - Maersk, Søren Skou has now presented the initiatives and recommendations to the Green Business Forum.

- In the Blue Denmark, we maintain our goal of climate neutrality in 2050. For good reasons, the focus in recent months has been elsewhere, but the way forward for Danish shipping is to follow a sustainable direction, says Søren Skou

The partnership has worked on four themes: energy efficiency, ports and short sea shipping, green fuels and climate diplomacy.

It has among other things submitted recommendations to:

  • Establish a development and demonstration program for maritime climate solutions.
  • Set climate requirements for the Danish ferry routes from upcoming calls to tender.
  • Create a national strategy for the introduction of the large-scale Power-to-X fuel project in Denmark.
  • Appoint a Danish ambassador to work with global climate regulation in the United Nations Maritime Organization (IMO).

- We can make it more efficient to a large extent, and we already do this across the industry. But efficiency improvements cannot in themselves bring us to goals, which is why it is crucial that we also follow a development path where untested technologies are at stake and where large investments are needed in research, development and testing, says Søren Skou.

The Blue Denmark supports the government's goal of a 70 per cent CO2 reduction in Denmark in 2030.

International shipping is not included in the Danish inventories, and 98 percent of all Danish shipping takes place outside Denmark's borders. That is why the Climate Partnership for the Blue Denmark has also worked on how Denmark can show the way forward for a change in international shipping.

However, ferries, fishing vessels and short sea shipping are included in the national climate inventories. Ferries have reduced their emissions by 68 percent since 1990 and have soon achieved their target.

The remaining part of national shipping has also made a good start. Since 1990, 40 percent of emissions have been reduced here.

You can watch a video with Chairman Søren Skou and Minister of Economic and Business Affairs Simon Kollerup here: