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On the membership area of the Danish Shipping website, members can access a variety of information, including members' circulars and newsletters, guidance about employment conditions (only in Danish), and information for shipmanagers.

Members can also sign up to receive information about upcoming events and find more information about what's coming next under events.

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Members' Circulars

Members of Danish Shipping and Danish Ferry Association can find the latest Members' Circulars from their respective association on the membership area of the Danish Shipping website. 

Members can sign up to receive news concerning the following areas of interest:

  • General information: 

receive information about the broader work of Danish Shipping, upcoming events, and other practical information.



Danish Shipping becomes a knowledge partner to Mærsk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping; Upcoming events at Danish Shipping; Danish Shipping’s Annual Report 2020

  • Employment conditions: 

receive information about current news and policy changes impacting employment conditions.



New requirement to report overdue seafarers to Danish Maritime Authorities; New restrictions and travel limitations

  • Legal affairs: 

receive information about legal conditions within areas such as company law, ship registration, maritime law, the law of the sea, and insurance. Examples include preparation of an emergency procedures manual in case of stowaways, reduced costs for maritime certificates (oil, bunkers, wrecks, etc.), and the opportunity for bareboat registration to Singapore for ships under Danish flag.



Overview of emergency procedures in case of stowaways

  • Global conditions: 

receive information about current news concerning international trade politics, market access, and fair competition. Examples of themes include the consequences of Brexit, USA and the Jones Act, the trade war between USA and China, and the effect of sanctions against Iran.



EU UK Future Relationship; Danish authorities advise not to return rescued boat refugees to Libya

  • Safety & health: 

receive information about e.g. means of rescue, fire, safety equipment, Port State Control (PSC), and work environment.



Updated information on Denmark as hub for crew-change; What to do if a seaman tests positive for Covid-19 in transit?

  • Technical information: 

receive information about e.g. constructional information, stability, fuel quaility, scrubbers, scrapping, new fuels, and general topics regarding security.



Additional analysis of fuel oil samples to ensure compliance with CARB regulation; Bunker Consumption and Energy Efficiency report for the year 2020

  • Environment and climate: 

receive information about topics such as sulfur, NOx, CO2, as well as climate in general, bilge water, and marine environment



Project on Carbon Neutral Shipping

Please note that Member Circulars' are sent to all members who have signed up for the given area of interest, regardless of language preference.