Shipping’s climate strategy outlined

The UN maritime organisation, IMO, has taken an important step to land a strategy for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from shipping.

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15.08.2017 News

Danish Shipping: Assesment of existing regulation before new ship recycling initiatives

Effects of existing legislation must be known before introducing new initiatives, says a new report from the…

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18.05.2017 News

Danish Shipowners’ Association becomes Danish Shipping

The Danish Shipowners’ Association updates its visual identity and changes its name to Danish Shipping.

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30.03.2017 News

Danish Shipowners' Association appoints Director for EU Affairs

Casper Andersen has been appointed as the new Director for EU Affairs.

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15.02.2017 News

EU-Canada agreement passes final vote in European Parliament

Today, the European Parliament granted its final endorsement of the EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

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09.06.2017 News

EU ministers agree on good course for maritime transport policy

EU Ministers of Transportation send a strong signal of continued support for the European maritime sector at…

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21.04.2017 News

Denmark as a global maritime powerhub

Today the maritime task force of the Danish Government presented its policy recommendations.

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01.03.2017 News

Shipowners caught in the middle of free trade battle

Protectionism and long hauled free trade negotiations can be an expensive battle for the Danish shipowners

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13.02.2017 News

Ready to rumble during European Shipping Week

Free trade and shipping are just some of the topics on the agenda of the European Shipping Week

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